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The Graduate Studies program offers a variety of degree options in an accelerated format designed for busy, working adults. The integration of biblical ethics in all programs also lays the foundation for personal and professional leadership.

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The Graduate Studies program offers a variety of certificate and graduate degrees. If you want to take individual courses for personal development not specified in a degree plan, you have the option to select from a variety of subjects. These degrees and programs will enhance your career working in a variety of industries.

I love that we're so open about talking about faith here. We pray before we start, and professors share their faith—faith is incorporated into our programs, our syllabus, and our textbooks. It's great we can talk about God and feel safe about it.
I really see the mission field in the secular corporate world as my kind of role, to be acting out a Christian lifestyle in the workplace for others to see. The more I do that, the more opportunities appear for one-on-one conversations or group conversations about faith.
Simon Hearne
Department of Biblical & Theological Studies, 2014

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